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Day 1050

I have a bunch of dailies that need to get uploaded. For now, the fourth (of seven) in my Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Tribute series.

First-Zelda | Second - Kokiri Forest | Third - Volvagia 

Day 1049

It looks like we can finally say goodbye to winter.

Really just an excuse to practice rendering fabric + mess around in after effects (I had no idea there were so many preset filters!)


Day 1048

Trying to get better at painting without lineart. Need to practice more!


Day 1047

A year ago I designed and hand-bound a book over 50 typographically treated quotes from the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I decided to go back and create a cover for it for portfolio purposes. It seemed fitting to post it tonight.

Here’s to (hopefully) another great Game of Thrones Season!

Heads up that I’m skipping Day 1046 because I’m waiting on a client’s approval. It will be posted later on!

Day 1045

And the full set!

Our project was to create a series of ten or more drawings based on the concept of flesh. My original intent was flesh melding with natural objects in some way. I’m not too happy with how this reads as a unified set and some of these are definitely much stronger than others but overall I’m really happy with how they came out considering how little time I had to do them.

Days 1043-1044

Nineth and tenth out of ten drawings for one of my classes. Used myself as reference.

Days 1041-1042

Seventh and eighth out of ten drawings for one of my classes. Used myself as a reference.


Fifth and sixth out of ten drawings for a class. Used myself as a reference.

Days 1037-1038

Third and fourth out of ten drawings for one of my classes. Used myself as a reference.

Days 1035-1036

Work for one of my classes! First and second out of ten drawings. There is no correlation to the pairings or the order they’re being posted in (these were not the first two painted-just the ones labeled one and two for some reason.) 

Used myself as a reference.

Days 1032-1034

More thesis work.

Day 1031